The first step.

We’ve spent a lot of time recently talking with educators about professional learning. Professional learning that may include reading, thinking, and growing.  The most often voiced concern is lack of time.  We totally get this.  Educators are incredibly busy. Anyone who has ever taught knows the thousands of decisions, questions, answers, and so on that are part and parcel of being a teacher and with which a teacher is challenged every single day.

What, then, is the first step to find the time to read, think, and grow?

Decide it’s important.

That may sound trite and cliche.  It’s not intended to be either.  But it is tough to argue that when one decides it is important to find the time….the time can be found.


4 Replies to “The first step.”

  1. Yup. Lack of time is real and huge. However, I think it is important, more than ever, for educators to keep current. I agree, that once we decide something is important, time can be found (ask anyone in a new relationship!).. I also think it is important for educators to advocate for time in their work day/week/month/year for not just professional development days (events) but for professional reading, thinking and growing as well.

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  2. Brilliant post and excellent comment! Time is a difficult thing to find in many professions, but if someone chooses to believe in the power of professional learning, how it is a MUST to stay relevant, current, innovative, inspiring, and what’s best for students, then you can find TIME. Reading, thinking, reflecting, tweeting, blogging, growing…they are are crucial to the success of education. Let’s keep it up and find that time!


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