Gathering scattered thoughts. #immooc

So we hosted our first ever districtwide EdCamp on October 14th.  At the same time, I’m winding down the MOOC based on Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros.  #IMMOOC. Seems like a good time to pull some thoughts together.

Rereading Innovator’s Mindset now for the 3rd time has created 210 highlighted passages and 11 different notes.  More importantly is the impact its had on my thinking.  It’s become foundational for other reading and thinking I’m doing.  I’ve had the opportunity to read and think about a lot of different things, most are, on the surface at least, unrelated to each other.

However, the dominant thought I’m having is succinctly stated by Couros as he is wrapping up his book.

“When we know better,
we should do better.” 

Here’s a fear when educators gather.  We become excited and motivated. Then sometimes or often…go back to what we’ve always done.  How do we keep the enthusiasm, to continue to grow and learn…and ultimately ACT on what we have learned? One. Step. At. A. Time. Find the courage, a buddy, a colleague, an idea…and do it.  When we know better, we should do better.

Later today or this week, we’ll send out our official post EdCamp survey.  We want to learn from our colleagues.  We want to do the best job we can as supporters and leaders for each other.  I think the graphic below is a good representation of the atmosphere at our EdCamp.

Here’s hoping we can Do Better.  Because we know better.


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