A well tossed around stat says, “Around 65% of children starting primary school today will end up working in jobs that don’t yet exist.”

Some argue this point.  That’s fine.  However, it’s certainly not too difficult to imagine that is close to reality.  Here are 3 jobs that didn’t exist just 10 years ago.  App developer, social media director, and Uber driver.  

Here are a few of the types of jobs that might exist in our kids’ lifetimes.  And here’s the source with the descriptions of most of these jobs.

  1. Chief productivity officer
  2. Excess capacity broker
  3. Drone manager
  4. Private industry air traffic control
  5. Medical mentor
  6. Self-driving car mechanic
  7. Autonomous transportation specialist
  8. Personal medical interpreter
  9. Human-technology integration specialist
  10. Wholeness mentor
  11. Cyber Security Specialist

We’ve seen other titles like ‘Medical Roboticist, Custom Implant Organ Designer, Space Tour Guide, Space Pilot, Virtual Reality Simulation Engineer, and Genetic Counselor.  Wow!

Our part of the equation, as professional educators, is to understand that the rate of change is accelerating.  We do well when we know we are helping to prepare our students for their tomorrows and we give kids opportunities to learn how to learn, collaborate, communicate, create, and critically think.


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