The Power of a Learning Leader

Yesterday was a fun day at our middle school.  The principal, Mark Beddes, decided to spend professional learning time with the teachers learning about the potential of Twitter and ongoing, self-directed, personal, professional learning.  He shared his own story of initial misunderstanding about Twitter, but how he has come to realize its potential for professional learning and growth.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 9.09.34 AM.pngAs we learned earlier, there are several powerful activities leaders can utilize to impact student achievement.  The top activity is: Promoting and participating in teacher learning and development (effect size = 0.84): Leadership that not only promotes but directly participates with teachers in formal and informal professional learning.

This principal has had his own professional learning hugely impacted by the Professional Learning Network (PLN) he is developing.  He has directly connected with other thought leaders around the world, opening up new ideas and ways of doing business, all of which is in service of improving the lives of the students at the middle school.

This leader literally promoted and participated in teacher learning and development.  My own twitter feed was going nuts with new teachers adding accounts and growing their own PLNs.  The staff set up and used #SLMSStaffchat. It was awesome!

Welcome aboard to all our new learners.  The ride ahead is going to be a blast!

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