Speaking of simple ideas…

We have started doing TLI podcasts now.  3 podcasts officially qualify us as grizzled podcasters with a listening audience of at least 5.  But everything must start somewhere.  And as with blogging…the learning comes in the doing.  We’re simultaneously learning how to do a podcast, flaws, mistakes, and all….and thinking out loud.  Both pretty good exercises.

Our latest idea for podcasting is a series of brief interviews with learning leaders in our district.  We will ask the following questions, and record the answers.  Should be pretty cool to hear what people have to say.  We want to interview a whole bunch of people to get a wide range of ideas and thinking.

Stay tuned!

Here are the questions!

Podcast Questions for Learning Leaders in Fife

  1. Introduce yourself, background, time in our district.

  2. How do you continue to grow and learn professionally?  How do you model your growth and learning?

  3. What excites you most about being involved in education at this time?

  4. What is a book or resource you’d recommend to other learning leaders?  Why?


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