4 interview questions for kids and teachers. And everybody.

It was just bugging me. Ever have something bug you, especially trying to remember something? It was just outside the edge of my memory. That idea of some cool questions to ask teachers. And then….BOOOM! Found it. From Driven By Data (Paul Banbrick-Santoyo). Questions for a new principal to use when firing up a new job at a new place.

However, I wasn’t looking for the questions for new principals. I was thinking about them in broader terms.

An activity to run with a staff, with a group of kids, with parents, with colleague administrators. Just change the relevant words in the questions. The goal is to find leaders.

Here are the questions.

  1. Who are the people you most admire in the school?
  2. Who are the teachers you look to the most as model teachers?
  3. Who do you work with most closely/trust the most?
  4. Who do you turn to for advice?

The answers to these questions, after asking a good number of people, can give the questioner some very helpful information. And some surprises.