Been a minute.

Been a minute, as the kids say, since I hit the ol’ blog. August is now in full force, which for some, might not seem like prime school time. It is. We’ve hired two new, excellent principals. Also hired two new, excellent assistant principals. Also hired a number of new, excellent teachers. So, the district office crew is busy dreaming, scheming, designing, and planning for our kickoff leadership retreat. Actually we’ve been doing all the aforementioned verbs since the spring, but we’re in the home stretch now. The retreat is next week. For some reason, as I was thinking about the retreat, George Couros popped into my mind. And specifically this quote:

I love this quote. I love the challenge of this quote. If kids don’t see/feel/experience anything different as a result of our PL days….what the heck were we doing? The good thing is that I know, as a fact, that kids do see/feel/experience difference after our work. We have such a solid group of teacher/building/district leaders, all of whom keep kids front and center in our work.

Really looking forward to next week and firing up the 2022-2023 school year!